TG: i follow them and stuff and they are a total babe but alas my mere existence isnt worthy to associate with their badassery
TG: enviously admires them from a distance 

BRO - I’m sorry have I not been giving you much attention Lil Man

BRO - Come here give ya big Bro a hug

TG: you wanting to display affection is such a rare thing so how could i possibly pass up an opportunity like this
TG: but first

TG: is this some kind of sick joke

BRO - You cut me deep lil man, there’s no joke

BRO - What’s wrong with a guy wanting to spend some ‘quality’ time with his lil bro

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BRO - Will these do?

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BRO - Well, what else would be in my boxers?

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BRO - I never kiss and tell

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OOC - Ahhh sure, go ahead! I’d love to see it too!! Link me when you’ve finished it, I’d love to read it:D

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BRO - You dissin’ ma lil man?

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BRO - I’m good 

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BRO - Orange soda

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BRO - It’s number 12 on my kink list

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BRO - Do I look like I care?

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