Is ask Bro active or you don't use it anymore? :( *sigh*


Oh gosh. No it is!! I’ve just been so busy I havent had the time to update at all :(
Don’t worry! I’m bringing my Bro cosplay with me to Japan so you WILL have updates !!

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Bro Strider - ask-strider-bro/dinglytitanstuck

Photographer- neo-voltage

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Bro Strider/Editing - ask-strider-bro/ dinglytitanstuck

Dave Strider - pyro-hearts

Photographer -neo-voltage

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"I still need to hold your hand"

Bro Strider - ask-strider-bro/ dinglytitanstuck

Photographer - Zak

(This has to be one of my favourite shots from Sunday, I’ll be posting up the rest later and on my cosplay page + A big thank you to Moose for making me Lil Cal <3 I literally adore him)

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I think this was the happiest moment I had at Sunday Expo!

Theses two fabulous snk cosplayers literally made my day <3 They’re absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much <3 you guys were awesome!!

Levi - yuukixchan

Erwin  F1shhy

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Hey guys just to let you know! I’m attending MCM Expo this weekend and on the Sunday I’m going as Bro!! If any of you are going feel free to come say hi! I’d love to see you all!!

Also when I come back be prepared to see cosplay photos from the weekend !! :D

(Sorry I haven’t updated!! I’ve just finished my first year of uni so its been a little bit hetic around here since I’m packing up my room and having deadlines! When summer hits I’ll be sure to update more! Hopefully!!.

I love you guys and thank you for sticking with me so long!

- Strider Out x)

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TG: i follow them and stuff and they are a total babe but alas my mere existence isnt worthy to associate with their badassery
TG: enviously admires them from a distance 

BRO - I’m sorry have I not been giving you much attention Lil Man

BRO - Come here give ya big Bro a hug

TG: you wanting to display affection is such a rare thing so how could i possibly pass up an opportunity like this
TG: but first

TG: is this some kind of sick joke

BRO - You cut me deep lil man, there’s no joke

BRO - What’s wrong with a guy wanting to spend some ‘quality’ time with his lil bro

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BRO - Will these do?

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BRO - Well, what else would be in my boxers?

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BRO - I never kiss and tell

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